DJ CD Player

Product Image (CDJ-3000-W)

Pioneer CDJ-3000-W Professional DJ Multi Player

Price: 501980 INR/Pair

Frequency Range - 4 - 40000 Hz Width - 329 mm Height - 118 mm Depth - 453 mm Weight - 5.5 kg

Product Image (CDJ 350)

Pioneer CDJ-350 DJ Player

Price: 99980 INR/Pair

The CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player by Pioneer is a CD/USB audio deck capable of playing WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC files. HID and MIDI compatibility allows the CDJ to be used with third-party DJ software.

Product Image ( PLX-500)

Pioneer PLX-500 DJ Turntable

Price: 46990 INR/Piece

Width 450 mm Height 159 mm Depth 368 mm Weight 10.7 kg Drive Method Servo-type direct drive Platter Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm Motor 3-phase, brushless DC motor Braking System Electronic brake Rotation Speed 33, 45, 78 rpm Rotation Adjustment Range 8 % Wow and Flutter < 0.15% WRMS Signal-to-Noise Ratio 50 dB Starting Torque > 1.6 kgfcm Start Time Within 1 sec (at 33 rpm)

Product Image ( DJS-1000)

Pioneer DJS-1000 DJ Player

Price: 240200 INR/Pair

With a 7-inch full-colour touch screen, 16 multicoloured step input keys, multicoloured Performance Pads, a host of inputs and outputs, Live Sampling and various other performance features, having the DJS-1000 in the booth will propel your sets to the next level.

Product Image (XDJ 1000MK2)

Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2 DJ Player

Price: 249980 INR/Pair

Based on its predecessor, the XDJ-1000MK2 improves usability through enhanced track browsing and support for high-resolution FLAC and ALAC audio files. It inherits the large jog wheel and 7-inch, full-colour touch screen from the CDJ-2000NXS2, as well as features such as 8 Hot Cues and Quantize.

Product Image (CDJ-900NXS)

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS DJ Player

Price: 248000 INR/Pair

The CDJ-900NXS builds on the success of its predecessor, the CDJ-900, plus its packed with new technology including a full colour LCD screen, Beat Divide, four-deck Beat Sync and the ability to play sets from a smartphone.The CDJ-900NXS boasts a high resolution screen, giving DJs a quick and instant view of the Wave Display and Wave Zoom and the ability to view and edit rekordbox beatgrids.

Product Image (DDJ-850)

Dynatech DDJ 850 DJ CD Player

Price: 35000 INR/Pair

Pitch Range : +/- 8%, 16% and 100% Sound Effect : Flanger, Filter, Echo, Pan, Chop, Brake, Scratch. Dimensions (W X H X D) : 216 mm X 115 mm X 319 mm Unit Weight : 4 kg

Product Image (CDJ-3000)

Pioneer CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Multi Player

Price: 501980 INR/Pair

Model - CDJ-3000 Frequency Range - 4 - 40000 Hz Width - 329 mm Height - 118 mm Depth - 453 mm

Product Image (XDJ-700)

Pioneer XDJ-700

Price: 76990 INR/Piece

The XDJ-700 comes with a large touchscreen, a familiar club layout and it inherits a host of features from its big brother, the XDJ-1000. Its compact size and removable stand offer great set-up possibilities for even the smallest booth or home set-up. With support for our free rekordbox software you can prepare and manage your tracks on a PC or Mac before hitting the booth.


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